Tetris game is an exciting and a fun game during your vacant time. Not only you will enjoy playing it but also it will challenge you and your mind. When this game was released it was a hit and many people enjoy playing it not only kids but also the adults too.
The positive thing with this game is this can help you kill time when you are bored. Imagine this game looks simple to look at but once you started and continue playing you will feel and know that this is not a simple game but in need strategy and skill in playing. Playing it with just a specific amount of time is fine but if you played the game for many hours and this can jeopardize your studies or work that is a bad thing. This not only can affect your activities it will have a great negative impact in you physically, mentally and emotionally.
Those people playing Tetris who devotes more time and their attention to it can affect them in whole by their dreams, thoughts and mental images are called Tetris Syndrome or Tetris effect. If this happen to a person everything that he or she does will be like a Tetris game to them, even if going to a supermarket or in their own home and sometimes hallucination where pieces are falling into a place with a layout that is invisible.
If this happen or you know a person that is addicted to the game better try to help them immediately before it get worse and get a professional help in case it cannot be handle easily.


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