If you playing Tetris I guess you are interested who created this phenomenon game? Before this game become available online this game can be played at video game console with this it can be played even without internet connection. Now there are different ways and options where you can play this game it can be still played with video game console, computers, laptop, mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets. It has come a long ways since created and released in 1984.
The man behind the Tetris game is Alexey Leonidovich Pajitnov who is a Russian and was born in 1956 of March 14. He is a Russian computer engineer and a video game designer and he is responsible for developing the very famous and popular Tetris game. During this time he was working at Dorodnitsyn Computing Centre of the Soviet Academy of Sciences which is a Soviet government that was founded R&D center. He created the game with the help of Vadim Gerasimov and Dmitry Pavlovsky. This was first released in Soviet Union then in 1996 it was available in the West.
But even he was the one created this game it was in 1996 that he got the royalties from when Henk Roogers and he had created the Tetris Company.
Until now this game has still been played even by the new generation of kids. Because of the inspiration he got from puzzle and board games he had gather great and wonderful ideas that help him creating Tetris. You can imagine that till in the future this game will be still being played.


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