Let get to know more about a popular game both online and offline which is Tetris. It debuted around 1984. Its name is from the Greek word which is tetra meaning four and tennis which is Alexey Pajitniv favorite sport; he is the creator of this game.
The blocks in Tetris which is four celled is called tetrominoes a variant of polyomino. This four-celled can create seven variants that you encounter during the game. These are O-Tetromino, I-Tetromino, T-Tetromino, L-Tetromino, J-Tetromino, S-Tetromino and Z-Tetromino.
Initially Pajitnov wants to use five-celled polyominos which is called the tetrispentominos in the game but unfortunately using this is very much complicated which have twelve different variations of shapes for the pentominos unlike tetrominos which only have seven variants.
When the game is created the original objective of this according from the designer of Tetris was to make the computer to be less intimidating to the casual users.
A trivia about this game is that this was the first video game that was played in space which was the Gameboy version that has spent orbiting the Earth on the Mir space station for 196 days. And while I was searching about Tetris I have read that when playing this after encountering a traumatic event it can help lessen the occurrence of post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD and the negative flashbacks. They say also that lazy eye can be fixing with the help of playing Tetris.
There are a lot to know about Tetris aside from playing it. If you are an avid fan of it you should know everything about it as much as possible.


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