Rules: You need to try to create full rows of squares. Whenever you create a full row of squares, that row will disappear.
Instructions: To rotate the blocks use the upper arrow key and if you want to put the block down use lower arrow key.
Looking for an online game that can test your alertness and speed? Play and challenge yourself with Mega Tetris.
Playing Mega Tetris will test your mind to think quickly, coordination of your body movement and also your eye vision.
All this can be tested while playing Mega Tetris. The goal of Mega Tetris is to create a full row of squares.
Every time you have a full row of squares the rows will disappear. Make sure not to make a wrong move and in case you made a wrong move try to fix the Mega Tetris.
To play Mega Tetris all you need to do is use the upper, lower, left and right arrow keys.
If you need to rotate the block use the upper arrow key, if you need to move it to the sides use left and right arrow keys and if you are sure to put down the block use the lower arrow key. Make sure that blocks are fitted together.

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